Giant Hearts Project

Giant Hearts engages giant needs through loving communities well.

Infusing Communities with Energetic Support

The Giant Hearts Project is a non-profit organization with a small group of dedicated leaders who depend on provision through grants and private donations to partner in engaging giant needs through loving communities well.  The organization helps people rise above their circumstances and make a better life for themselves while becoming citizens who contribute to the public health and economic development of their community. The Giant Heart Project provides a scaffolding model using universal design for learning and missions-minded applications to attract teaching leaders and teaching artists from around the world to serve in small rural communities. This scaffolding allows teaching leaders and teaching artists to raise funds and create service-learning workshops, courses, and trips for focus communities. Partnerships with local residents, churches, and businesses provide residencies and facilities for workshops, courses, and trip destinations.  Online registration is provided to match mentors and students for program workshops, courses, and trips.

Our Vision is that all people can get the support and resources necessary to grow physically, emotionally and spiritually into healthy adults, breaking cycles of poverty, abuse, and neglect through love.

Our Mission Statement: Giant Hearts engages giant needs through loving communities well.

Giant Hearts​ carries out this mission by securing funding from businesses, foundations, and individuals who want to partner with us in engaging resilience training for communities. Teaching leaders and teaching artists are committed to offering support and guidance along with resources and opportunities to help make the transition towards thriving communities successful.