Nominate A Giant Heart

Who are the people in your life who have the grit to fight their way through all the red-tape and get the job done? Who are the people who remain positive in the face of all sorts of negativity and do not allow sadness, greif, or anger get the best of them? Who are the people that offer compassion and kindness when faced with adversity? Those are the Giant Hearts. We’re on a hunt for them. Please nominate one today.

Tell us about a Giant Heart!

Who do you know with a giant heart? We all know people who give above and beyond. They make sure their micro-community has their needs met even at the expense of their own comfort. Let’s give them a shout-out! Nominate that Giant Heart and let’s celebrate. We know their example will inspire others!
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“We know the truth, not only by the reason, but also by the heart.” ~Blaise Pascal

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