Who do you know with a giant heart? We all know people who give above and beyond. They make sure their micro-community has their needs met even at the expense of their own comfort. Let’s give them a shout-out! Nominate that Giant Heart and let’s celebrate. We know their example will inspire others!

We’re excited to meet you!

Founded in 2020 by a few volunteers, our organization started as the Seville Arts Project in Seville, Ohio for the fall of 2015.  Since then, we’ve recognized the need to provide mentoring programs that aid communities with service-learning opportunities.  The history of Seville, Ohio, where the organizational headquarters is located, includes the story of a compassionate community filled with hospitality.  In 1872 the villagers so warmed the hearts of traveling circus performers and giants, Captain Martin Van Buren Bates and Anna Haining Swan (PT Barnum), that they made their homes in Seville. We believe it is the same compassion and hospitality that needs to be provided in communities today.  Coming from Ohio, the heart of it all, the Giant Hearts Project engages giant needs through loving communities well.   We match hearts with giant needs for giant changes.

Ways to support our Initiatives

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