The Giant Heart Hunt

Giant Hearts engages giant needs through loving communities well. We know that resilience doesn’t happen without support. Leaders and mentors share their LOVE and heart with communities. THAT is how giant needs are met.

Today is the day to support a giant heart!

During these unprecedented times we know your community has giant needs. How can we meet those needs and change the world? Giant Hearts partners with community mentors whose GIANT HEARTS launch community impact projects.

We are now accepting proposals to impact in communities. What is your dream? How would you like to change the world? What can you do this week, month, or season that would impact your community like never before? Let’s partner and make it happen.

Please complete this form and tell us:

Who will be served or is being served through your community impact project?
Where is your community?
Please describe the giant need and your giant heart’s solution.
How much does the project cost?
How long will it take?
How many people will help you accomplish this?
How do you know you can do this?

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