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The Giant Hearts Project is a non-profit organization with a small group of dedicated leaders who depend on provision through grants and private donations to partner in engaging giant needs through loving communities well.  The organization helps people rise above their circumstances and make a better life for themselves while becoming citizens who contribute to the public health and economic development of their community. 

Founded in 2020 by a few volunteers, our organization started as the Seville Arts Project in Seville, Ohio for the fall of 2015.  Since then, we’ve recognized the need to provide mentoring programs that aid communities with service-learning opportunities.

When you support Rural Immersion, you’re helping us give opportunities for students to learn the physical, social, and spiritual impact of sharing their time, strength, and resources in a community of need. Set-up, management, and tear down of a large summer festival in 2021 opens the door for students to share the message of grace, liberty, and the gift of humanitarian aid in a rural setting.

The Vision 20/20 ensures that we can continue to partner with those in need. You can count on me. I have a giant heart and I’d like to be sure that leaders, mentors, and villagers have the resources they need. This is my way of keeping my community strong.

The Leadership Academy offers all ages opportunities to participate professional development retreats, workshops, and classes.

Yes, Count me in on this. I know a lot of people who would benefit from a program on leadership.

Elemental Arts an annual suite of arts programming courses. Offered virtually and in local churches, community centers, businesses, and libraries, a strong team of visual and performing artits offer classes in Dance, Drawing, Hand-Drumming, and Drama.

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